Ring’s Security Cameras Breakdown and Analysis


Okay, Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I’m guessing that you have already wrapped and finished your Christmas gifts, but in case you are like me and you wait until the last minute, security cameras are a great option to help keep your things safe and its a way that you can keep an eye on your home from wherever in the world you may be. So today, let’s go in-depth and see what camera you should get. Ring makes many cameras and I have to admit, Ring Security Cameras are what I always recommend. Let’s see what each camera does over one another and which camera you should buy.

What Camera Should You Get?

Since there are many camera options available, I will make it as simple as you would need it to be and tell you what you would want to get if you are buying Ring security cameras for yourself or someone else. These cameras do many things, so it’s important to get the one that perfectly fits your needs.

Indoor Cam

The first camera on our list is the Ring Indoor Camera. The small camera is to be placed anywhere inside your home. The camera comes with a power cable and a removable base that can be used either on a wall, ceiling, or a normal table. The Indoor Cam looks shockingly similar to the Stick-Up camera, but only costs $60 rather than $100 per Stick-Up Cam. The reasoning behind that is because the Ring Indoor Cam doesn’t have any weatherproofing capabilities. The Ring Stick-Up camera, however, has a weather-resistant power-cord and a more sealed enclosure.

Stick-Up Cam (3rd Generation)

Almost an exact duplicate of the Indoor Cam, the Ring Stick-Up Cam is pretty much the same as the Indoor Cam, except that it’s forty dollars more. This camera is going to cost you $100 upfront, and the reasoning behind that is that this camera is waterproof, unlike the indoor cam. Besides that, the video, size, form-factor, and mounting solution are all the same as Ring Indoor Camera.

Spotlight Cam

The Spotlight Cam, by Ring, is made for heavy outdoor use. This camera, usable with existing wiring, solar power, battery power, or a wall outlet, is waterproof in any way and has a few features that the ‘stick-up’ cam does not include. For example, this camera has a motion sensor for alerts and lights, a louder speaker, and a siren. The sleek form-factor of this camera is extremely compelling which is why this is the best outdoor camera that the company makes.

Floodlight Cam

Same as the previously mentioned camera, the Floodlight Camera has a motion sensor for alerts and lights, except for one small change. Instead of LEDs on the sides of the camera chassis, this camera has two GIANT lights designed for replacing your existing floodlight found maybe in your backyard or your garage. Besides the change of lights, the cameras themselves are not different. Same size camera, same speaker, same sensors, same loudspeaker, and siren. Like previously mentioned, this camera is meant to replace your existing floodlight. With that said, the product is not compatible with batteries, wall outlets, or solar power. It is meant to be directly hardwired to your transformer.

Overall, our friends at Ring have been doing an amazing job and they have been making some really cool things that work with their security system. Stay tuned for an upcoming article about what a Ring Security System does and whether you should get one or not. If you’re currently bored, you can read an article about whether you should purchase the Amazfit GTS or Fitbit Versa 2. If you want to read more Chay Chay Tech Time on your phone, download our android app, CCTT Reader.

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