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Chay Chay Tech Time is made up of a small group of people passionate about technology and the newest electronics being released into society. The website itself was designed to be the home for the top advancements in technology and it is the one-stop source for all of the latest technology information.

A Brief History About Chay Chay Tech Time

In 2015, a technology enthusiast wanted to review technology and share his thoughts with the world. He wanted to help people understand how technology is going to thrive over the years. Because of that idea, and years of planning, Chay Chay Tech Time went live on July 16, 2018, with our first article, Best Budget Speaker Setup for Under $200. While at first, it wasn’t getting too much attention, it was only the beginning. After getting a few buddies to help out and write as well, CCTT finally started to begin. It was quickly populated with technology news about consumer tech.

Why Bother?

Obviously, we aren’t part of the big leagues of consumer tech reviewers, but we look past that and look on the brighter side. All that we care about is that our work gets out into the world. If our articles do end up getting read, then we are extremely grateful that a reader would consider us for reading about the latest and greatest about technology. We always enjoy what we do. We are passionate about what we do.

What is NTG Developer?

NTG Developer is our parent company. The company provides all of our analytic data and web hosting for Chay Chay Tech Time, along with domain registration and our mobile app that you can download on Android and FireOS. While they aren’t tied directly with our website, they do provide and fund a lot of the projects found on the website. We recommend that you check out NTGDeveloper in your free time to see the other great services provided.