February 24, 2021

Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

The only data that we collect is what device you use and what version of android it is running. Our website collects tracking data for our own analytics.

Do we collect personal data about you?

No. We mainly don’t know how to and our services don’t have a need to collect data. We feel that we can’t do that because it is not safe and secure for our users.

What about ad data? Does that get shared?

Depending on your phone’s ad permissions, your data may be shared with 3rd-parties to make the ads in our apps better and suitable for you.

What data is purposely shared by NTG Developer?

None. We don’t share any data with 3rd-parties on our behalf. We do collect tracking data for our analytics, but that is not shared with anyone. That is only for our use and this is what we use to make our website accessible by anyone.

The Summary

We try not to share data between 3rd-parties because we believe that it isn’t right for people. Our ad preferences might be shared with 3rd-parties to make your ads more suitable for you, but we only collect tracking data on our websites and assets, as well as device information for our apps.

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