SoundTrap: Is It Good?

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SoundTrap, acquired by Spotify in 2017, is a free-tier website that lets you easily record and edit sound files, and add effects to your sounds and music. But, is it actually good for your use? Maybe you’re a big-baller pod-caster and you want to easily make something quickly. Maybe you want to make some sick tunes for free in your next DJ gig. Maybe you want to sing and use auto tune for the first time. Let’s find out together.


Podcasting is very simple to do on SoundTrap. Below is a playable audio file. This is an example of a podcast in SoundTrap (created by SoundTrap). Listen yourself to hear what SoundTrap can do.

SoundTrap’s demo podcast

Get this: Every part of that file was made in SoundTrap! The music, the voices, the EQ, everything. As mentioned, they have a video call feature that is very easy to use. It is used via the collaboration tool.

Music Making

Making simple beats in SoundTrap is very easy to do. It has an intuitive interface while having a comprehensive amount of tools and sounds. Below is an example “Dubstep” song that SoundTrap provides.

SoundTrap’s demo track

Not too bad, ay? Well, these are the examples. Next is a track that I’ve created using SoundTrap. See what you think.

My Example Track (it sucks)

Music making is very easy to do with their loops. Also, it supports MIDI recording. So, you can use your own digital interface with the software.


On the free plan, you can export anything as a .mp3. On their paid plans, you can export in a .wav format, a .midi format, and export directly to or Noteflight. If you want the extra functionality, the paid plan is fully worth it.

Final Verdict

SoundTrap is a great free tool. I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone. If you need more of a professional tool, it might not be right for you as a free tool, but their inexpensive plans start at just $95 a year. It is definitely worth it for the built-in tools that it offers.

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