April 11, 2024

Never Think Of Your Battery AGAIN – Amcrest Power Bank


Let’s face it. You have probably gotten a “low-battery” notification in the least convenient scenario possible. Maybe you do not have a nearby power outlet, you might have also forgotten your charger. This is where a power bank comes into play.
Power banks are extremely useful when you need to charge your phone in an inconvenient scenario. This Amcrest Portable Power Bank is one of the best portable batteries that I have tried. Let’s take a deeper dive into what is actually great about this battery. After that, you can decide whether or not this battery bank is for you. (Spoiler Alert: No matter what platform you are on, this is a great battery bank for you)

NOTE: The product being reviewed was sent to Chay Chay Tech Time free-of-charge from Amcrest Technologies. All opinions and statements in the article are genuine from the writer (Chaney Goldstein). If you have any questions about the authenticity of this article, you can email the author directly at chaneyg@chaychaytechtime.com.

The Power Bank has a UNIQUE DESIGN!

The Design of the Amcrest Portable Battery

The design is unique for a device like this. It’s a bit beefy and heavy, being 6.7×3.1×0.9 inches big and weighing over a pound. The capacity makes up for its weight, which I’ll get into more later. It’s got an overall pleasurable aesthetic and it looks modern and not a slab of plastic that other battery banks are made like. The product is easy to use and it is comprehendible by anyone. Simply plug in your phone and charge.

The Amcrest Battery Bank with a Screen

There’s an element to the power bank that is unique from any other that I’ve used. There’s a screen on it that displays the capacity, and along with this, it shows the input/output speed of power through the battery. If you plug the battery into your phone, you can see just how much voltage and amperage is being used to charge your battery, therefore taking away the need for getting an app that measures the charging speed of the phone.

Capacity in this Power Bank is NO PROBLEM!

A Look at the Technical Specs of the Battery Bank

With 26800mAh under its name, you can use this battery pack for eight full charge cycles with an iPhone 13. You can charge a Pixel 4a approximately 8.5 cycles. What I like about this battery is that it also tells you the speed of the charging and it keeps you updated with specifically how much you still have left with capacity.

I’ve gone weeks without charging this pack and with relatively light usage. This thing can withstand a long time of no usage and it still works extremely well regardless. This is definitely what to get if you want something big and reliable. With the addition of it being fast to charge, having good speed and capacity is a great all-around device.

It’s Great with the Universal Compatibility

Ports of the Amcrest Battery Bank

This battery pack can charge with any popular phone connector. USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB if you’re old fashioned. Amcrest seems to have focused on making this pack usable by anyone, and they succeeded with this goal. It’s extremely convenient to be able to ask someone for a charger and not having to worry about whether or not their charger is correct.

Is This Power Bank Right for You?

It’s a Great Battery Pack!

Chances are, this power bank might be a bit too extreme. But, if you want something that works with multiple ecosystems and something that is usable by anyone, it is definitely worth $40. I would say that anyone can get this battery pack and not be dissatisfied with it. If you’re looking for something simple that will last the test of time, this battery pack is one worth checking out. I highly recommend it.

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