October 20, 2021

Ring Security System: Fanstastic for the Price

A ton of Ring Devices

You’ve probably heard of alarm systems from companies such as Nest and SimpliSafe, and you probably only thought of Ring as the place for things like doorbells. For the past year, Ring has made devices for strengthening home security and your ‘Ring of security’ as they like to call it. A family member of mine has purchased the Ring security system and for the past two weeks, I have been experimenting with all of the options that Ring can provide for you. Today, I will explain what the system has to offer and whether it would be a good option for you.

Mostly Known For Doorbells, They Have Options

While doorbells are somewhat of an afterthought, a lot of stuff happens at your front door. Packages are delivered, neighbors drop things off, burglars are taking your mail, etc. That’s why Ring’s Founder, Jamie Siminoff, created the Video Doorbell.

Ring's First Video Doorbell In Action
Ring’s First Video Doorbell In Action

The Ring Video Doorbell was extremely successful in selling $50,000 units a month when it was released. This doorbell was extremely useful for homeowners to look at when a package was released and what was going on at their door. Now, along with these pros, there are also cons. Ring.com has suffered a recent data breach where hackers can get access to your camera systems. If you took the correct steps to secure the accounts you have, you shouldn’t need to worry about hackers getting access to your camera and alarm system.

The Alarm System Opened New Advantages

Ring was a giant company before they launched the security system. However, when they made a system that changed the way that you could secure your home, Ring got more popularity than ever before. When Ring was sold to Amazon, you could do much more with the security system. You could easily arm using Alexa and control all of your devices in one app, the Alexa app. This was extremely useful for people who are in a smart home and are based around Amazon. If you were leaving your house and you armed using ‘Alexa Guard’, Amazon would automatically tell your Ring Base Station to arm all of the sensors and get ready. While you cannot look at the camera feed from a Ring stick-up cam or video doorbell through the Alexa app, you still can manage most of your Ring devices and other Amazon-compatible devices from there.

Home Alarm System 10-Piece | Smart Home Security System | Ring
Ring Alarm System Family

Ring’s Alarm system easily integrates into your smart home. The system works with any Z-Wave compatible device since the Base Station for Ring Alarm acts as a Z-Wave hub. However, you can’t use it as a Zigbee hub for lights such as Philips Hue. You can use the Echo Plus or the Echo Show for Zigbee as both of these devices are great Amazon devices that tie directly into your Ring system and have smart hubs built right in to communicate directly to your lights and smart-home gear.

What About Those Accounts Hacked Online?

If you properly use Ring, you won’t need to worry about people easily getting into a Ring account. That means using random strong passwords and two-step verification. This can reduce the ability of someone accessing your Ring account and being able to control your alarm system and your security cameras. When you have joint-accounts that have access to your system, always secure them with two-step verification and strong passwords. The point is, keep your home safe by keeping your account safe.

What Security Cameras Do They Offer?

To learn more about what cameras that Ring offers, refer to this article where I explain everything that you need to know. It explains everything that you would need to know about cameras. Ring offers Indoor cameras and Outdoor cameras in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

Overall, with the two weeks of owning the security system, I can safely say that I am happy with the experience that this system has brought me and I strongly recommend it to anyone who would like reliable and affordable security systems that can work in any household. If you really would like to try out the Ring Security System, you can purchase a doorbell and starter kit. You can pair it with a couple of indoor cams, and you should be good to go. It’s great to keep the things that you value most, safe and secure.

If you really want to know more about what cameras you should get, read this article that was posted two days ago and it will explain which cameras work best in which locations. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and download our android app, available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

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