December 1, 2023

Best Budget Speakers Setup for Under $200


Are you a music lover that is looking to buy the best speaker setup, but you only have $200 dollars to spare? Well, today you are going to see the best budget speaker setup in 2018.

The Best Budget Speakers

Edifier R1280T


These speakers are great budget speakers and they only cost around $100 dollars. If you want built-in Bluetooth, bump yourself up by $30 to get the Edifier R1280DB. These are wireless speakers with optical TV input and built-in Bluetooth. They are the same thing, but more sources for audio. The R1280T sounds great! This is definitely the best pair of speakers for $100 dollars.

The Audio Source for the Google Lover

Chromecast Audio and Google Home Mini

The Chromecast Audio is a great audio device that pairs with your phone, or Google Home device over WiFi. This is a more reliable connection over Bluetooth. This is the best part of Chromecast devices. The joy is that you use the phone or Google Home as a remote and it gets the content on its own. You get crisp, clear audio from the internet. It works great for YouTube Music. As a bonus, it works well with a Chromecast when you want to watch YouTube or YouTube TV with your voice. I am also not saying that it can’t do anything else. It has thousands of things to do. This is definitely recommended for a Google lover.

The Audio Source for the Alexa Lover

Amazon Echo Dot


The Amazon Echo Dot is an amazing choice for the person who pays for Amazon Music unlimited. Amazon Echo Dot also works with Prime Music, which comes with Prime members for no extra charge. With Amazon’s Alexa-Cast, it’s not supposed to be not much different from Google Cast. The Echo Dot comes with many skills that can work on your echo devices. Some examples include flash briefing, weather, radio, services, video, and much more. The Echo Dot works well with your Fire TV, but it only is an Alexa voice remote that you start with your voice. That is the only thing. It can do a little more, but not much else. This is quite a great choice!

What do you use for your setup? Do you also think that the Edifier R1280T is the Best Budget Speakers? Comment down below and thanks for reading!

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