November 24, 2022

How to Create a Zoom Conferencing Account (VIDEO)

How to Create A Zoom Account

Let’s do something new and post a YouTube video instead of an article.

More and more people are using the popular video conferencing software, Zoom. CCTT has decided to create a multi-episode series of documenting how to use the platform and whether it is a good choice for you and your business. This is the first, simple, step-by-step tutorial that is public on YouTube. These videos are expected to be uploaded daily, but we apologize for any interruptions that may occur during this series. While we really want to keep making videos like this, we may not be able to keep up with a schedule that extreme. But, we are currently experimenting with the concept of making videos such as this one, so bear with us. Creating a Zoom account is extremely simple that anyone can do it with little to no knowledge on how the app works. We want to help people learn how to do things and can’t easily follow written tutorials. So, by making short tutorial videos with guidance. We can help people get the things that they need to get done, get done.

You can create a Zoom account here.

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